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Rapidly growing Halal market

Rapidly growing Halal market

●The expanding Muslim population and the scale of the economy

In 2013, the Muslim population was about 1.6 billion people, accounting for 22.3% of the world population. The worldwide Muslim Ratio in 2020 will be 26.4%, 1 in 4 people in the world will be Muslim. In 2050, it is predicted to be one-third of the world beyond the Christian population. In particular, there is a high rate of increase in Asia. In addition, the market size of the Muslim economic zone is 1.292 trillion in 2013 in the food and beverage market, and approximately 2.7 times the size of the Japan market in the same year.  This is a huge market that is expected to extend to 2.537 trillion USD in 2019.

●Muslim market size in Japan

In Japan, it existed only 4 mosques (Muslim worship facilities) in the 1980s, it is exceeding 80 locations in 2014. The Muslim population to stay in Japan has become a scale of 180,000 people, and it is becoming the existence which has a big influence. In addition, the number of Muslim travelers has also increased rapidly in proportional to tourists visiting Japan. The number of visitors of Muslim in 2013 was about 300,000, but it is predicted to be 1 million in 2020.

● If Halal certified products, can buy it with confidence.

If it is Halal items, Muslim people can purchase with confidence. "Halal" is the Arabic meaning "the permissible one" and "the lawful one" by the Sharia law which sets out Muslim norms. It stipulates to inspect that the ingredients such as pigs and alcohol prohibited by Islam are not being used. It also establishes standards for sanitary and safe food, cosmetics and daily necessities. And, it evaluates the raw materials, the manufacturing process, and the production quality, and prove that it is a conformity product. In the case of strict Muslim countries, it cannot be exported if it is not Halal certified. There is, however, no unified international standard for Halal certification, and is certified based on its own standards in each country and sect. If the business is limited to domestic sales in a specific country, it is not impossible to distribute products with the local Halal certification. However, to be able to sell in many countries, you cannot freely expand sales without a more stringent global Halal certification.

Advantage of HJC

Advantage of HJC

● What HJC can do by making the only comprehensive alliance with JAKIM.

Our Corporation (HJC) has concluded a comprehensive partnership agreement with JAKIM (Department of Islamic Development Malaysia), a Malaysia governmental agency, as a Strategic Partner. It is the first comprehensive partnership outside Malaysia, and of course it is the only partnership agreement in Japan. JAKIM has jurisdiction, including penalties and other measures. For this reason, JAKIM certification is trusted internationally as a "strict and reliable Global Halal certification" in the Islamic world.

Certification of comprehensive alliance with JAKIM

Based on the conclusion of this agreement, our Corporation will function as an institution to cooperate and support in the Halal general, including the Halal certification by JAKIM. From the Halal certification acquisition to management and maintenance, we will support your Halal business. In addition, we provide one-stop service to all who want to acquire Global Halal, from specimen inspection, facility audit, JAKIM examiner arrangement, document preparation and translation to JAKIM liaison services. In addition, from the Operational support of the Halal Committee after certification acquisition, to the training for the Halal person in charge and the administrator, it will be able to correspond within Japan.

●Why Malaysia

Malaysia is a country where Muslims account for over 60% of the population. Concerning Halal, Malaysia is the only country in the world that the state has set the standard of Halal, and it is strictly managed. And, Government agencies responsible for its management and operation is the "JAKIM (Department of Islamic Development Malaysia)". In addition, Malaysia is a member since the establishment of the OIC (Islamic Cooperation Organization). Therefore, Malaysia is cooperating with many Muslim countries (56 countries), including Indonesia, Pakistan and India.


JAKIM(Jabatan Kemajuan Islam: Department of Islamic Development Malaysia)is old in history among certification organizations. In 1968, it was established as a department for the Islamic Issues Division as one of division of the prime minister's secretariat, and in 1997, it became an independent organization of the Prime Minister's secretariat. At the moment, this is the only a government agency in the world to perform Halal certification. Since the Halal certification is strictly performed as Government agency, JAKIM certification is accepted in most Islamic countries. With JAKIM certification logo on the products, their distribution become available in those countries.

●OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation)

It was founded to strengthen political cooperation and collaboration of Islamic countries. Currently the member states are 56, and the organization is representing the majority of the Muslim population in the world. It is an international organization with a permanent representative to the United Nations, and has high authority in the Muslim society.

● Seminar officially certified by JAKIM

We provide many courses as unique JAKIM's Strategic Partner, such as Halal Introductory Course supervised by Malaysian International Halal Academy (MIHA) which is JAKIM's educational institution for Halal. ※In addition, we provide various seminars for the person not familiar to Muslims, such as introductory seminars and hospitality seminars.

●Distribution by ENERTECH

ENERTECH (Malaysia) which is an affiliates of the Crown Prince of the State of Perlis Indera Kayangan, and HJC Co., Ltd, have concluded a partnership on Halal business. Therefore, it is possible to export to OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) member countries etc. which made Malaysia a hub.

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Feel free to contact us.

Certification service of HJC

Certification service of HJC

In addition to the Global Halal certification from JAKIM, you can apply for the HJC Muslim friendly certification, HJC non-alcohol and non-pork certification of our Corporation standards.

It is a global halal certification which can distribute product worldwide under the certification from JAKIM, a Malaysia government agency.

>JAKIM Halal certification(Application Agency)

Our Corporation prepared this certification under the supervision of the JAKIM, and this primarily targets for accommodation facilities and restaurants.

>HJC Muslim friendly certification

Our Corporation prepared this certification under the supervision of the JAKIM, and this primarily targets for distribution products such as food and beverages.

>HJC non-alcohol and

non-pork certification

Other services

Other services

HALAL seminar

We will conduct a regular Halal program under guidance and supervision by Malaysia Halal Council, including JAKIM. 
※We offer a variety of seminars, including introductory seminars for people who are not familiar with Islam.

Marketing research

Our company supports test sale at convenience stores and cooperating stores in Malaysia, such as whether your products are accepted at local at the expected price.

Specimen inspection

We will undertake sample tests including DNA analysis required for JAKIM halal certification, and sample tests required for HJC Muslim friendly and HJC non-alcohol and non-pork certification.

Muslim personnel introduction

At the factory that acquired the JAKIM Halal certification, Muslim participation is necessary in the internal Halal Committee, etc. In addition, employment of Muslim personnel is indispensable depending on the type of business. HJC will introduce Muslim personnel.

Halal insurance

This property insurance will indemnify for the following. In spite of having the Halal certification, if the exported product was returned from the destination due to certification problem. Expenses for collection, the disposal and the notification when product recall occurs.

Halal news

Halal news



① Our Corporation has started the JAKIM Halal certification service in Japan.



We welcomed DYTM Tuanku Syed Faizuddin, Crown prince of State of Perlis Indera Kayangan, Malaysia to Japan, and held a comprehensive partnership signing ceremony with JAKIM and our group in the Imperial Hotel, Tokyo.

>Past news is here


This is a list of accommodation and food facilities that acquired JAKIM Halal certification or the HJC Muslim friendly certification.

>To certified facilities list

This is a list of products and manufactures that acquired JAKIM Halal certification or the HJC non-alcohol and non-pork certification.

If you have any questions about Halal, including HJC activities, Seminar schedule, and how to obtain certification, etc., please feel free to contact us.

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