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For accommodation and food business

In 2013, the Muslim population was about 1.6 billion people, accounting for 22.3% of the world population. The worldwide Muslim Ratio in 2020 will be 26.4%, 1 in 4 people in the world will be Muslim. Although the Muslim population ratio in the world is increasing, of course, the number of Muslim travelers who come to Japan is also increasing rapidly. The number of visitors of Muslim in 2013 was about 300,000, but it is predicted to be 1 million in 2020.

However, at present, there are still few accommodation and restaurants suitable for Muslim culture, where Muslims can eat with peace of mind and want to choose proactively. The Tokyo Olympics will be held in 2020, there is an opportunity for the business development targeting the growing number of Muslim visitors and for resident Muslims in Japan.

Apply for certification

● Certification type and comparison

Accommodation facility such as hotel, and food and beverage business such as restaurant is available to select either JAKIM Halal certification or HJC Muslim friendly certification. Also, when selling products processed at the facility such as Bento or catering system is available to select either JAKIM Halal certification or HJC non-alcohol and non-pork certification.

JAKIM Halal certification(Application agency)

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HJC Muslim friendly certification

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HJC non-alcohol and non-pork certification

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●Certification procedures and schedule

The procedure of JAKIM Halal certification of the accommodation facility such as hotel, and dining facilities such as restaurant and the catering, etc. will progress generally following steps. HJC Muslim friendly certification or HJC non-alcohol and non-pork certification will be partially simplified. Please note that there is limit of application times for JAKIM Halal certification.

<JAKIM Halal certification schedule of accommodation and dining facilities>

● Preparation for application

◆ Restaurant (eateries)

① Requires Muslim menu (in English and in Japanese)

② Requires notation of non-alcohol and non-pork material (Muslim friendly), and of Halal ingredients.

③ Requires guide (in English and in Japanese) about used material and seasoning etc. for each menu.

④ In case JAKIM Halal certified restaurant, it is forbidden to offer menus other than Halal.

⑤ At the HJC Muslim friendly certification restaurant, it is acceptable to serve a menu for other than the Muslim menu for non-Muslim customers, but you are requested to serve in consideration for Muslims.

◆ Kitchen (galley)

①Cookware and tableware shall be exclusive for the Halal use, and also the storage place needs to distinguish from the general one.

② In the JAKIM Halal certified kitchen, it is prohibited to cook ingredients and seasonings other than halal.

③ Cooking ingredients and seasonings other than non-alcoholic and non-pork menu is allowed at HJC Muslim friendly certification kitchen, however, you have to establish a reliable environment where avoid contamination by non-alcoholic and non-pork, and operate it while maintaining the state.

◆ Hotel

① It is necessary to display the Kipra marker in the room (a sign indicating the direction of Mecca).

② Strict management is necessary to avoid putting alcohol in the refrigerator in the room and not to keep food other than the halal in the pantry.

③ Amenity goods such as shampoo, rinse and soap put in the powder room or bathroom shall be all prepared with Halal.

④ The hotel room shall be managed not to enter animals that are not halal such as dogs. (Maintain the condition not allow accompany dogs and other pets.) Or the room shall be in a religiously purified management state.

⑤ The toilet equipment shall be hot water flush type such as wash-let.

⑥ The hotel shall provide a Muslim prayer room and a water wash for cleaning. (at Muslim hotel).

⑦ It is necessary to maintain as regular stock items, such as rental worship mats, Kipla compus, worship wear (by each gender) and so on.

● New application fee

For the fee of applying for a new certification, please see below.

JAKIM Halal certification(Application agency)

HJC Muslim friendly certification

HJC non-alcohol and non-pork certification

● Certification renewal

JAKIM Halal certification should be renewed every two years, and HJC Muslim friendly certification, HJC non-alcohol and non-pork certification should undergo an annual renewal examination. Note that if you do not renew within 12 months, the certification will expire.

◆ JAKIM Halal certification renewal fee

Certification renewal fee  300,000 JPY / Certification

Assist of the update         50,000 JPY / Certification    Support for updating procedures(Not necessary for the first application)

Regular member limited service

● Muslim personnel introduction

At the facility that acquired the JAKIM Halal certification, Muslim participation is necessary in the internal Halal Committee, etc. In addition, employment of Muslim personnel is indispensable depending on the type of business. HJC will introduce Muslim personnel.


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FAQ:Frequently asked questions and answers


[Q01] What should be noted as pork and pigs-derived ingredients?

[A01] It is well known that Islam is not allowed to eat pork. However, pork-derived ingredients are also not allowed. On the other hand, in Japan, ingredients derived from pigs are included in a variety of products and attention is necessary.

・Processed foods using pork such as bacon and sausage.

・Pork bone soup, lard and other pig extracts and fats.

・Pig-derived ingredients contained in seasonings and additives such as emulsifier, shortening, gelatin, collagen, etc.

※ Gelatin that is not derived from pig is also in the market.

[Q02] Is Muslim not able to mouth the alcohol?

[A02] In Islam, it is said that alcoholic beverages should be avoided in the mouth. In addition to the "Mirin" which contains a lot of alcohol, there are Muslims who say that they do not eat seasonings that contain only a small amount of alcohol, such as soy sauce. Though JAKIM has a reference for determining the alcohol residual ratio of 0.5% or less of the final product, but is not limited to determine by the number alone.

[Q03] Is it possible to eat meat except pork?

[A03]  zzBesides pork, Islam also has the rule of animal ingredients. It is said that it is necessary to avoid eating other than meat processed by a predetermined method of slaughter. It is not permissible only by the kind of animals. Therefore, simple categorization, such as it is beef, it is chicken, doesn't work. In addition to well-known pig, the following items are considered as Haram (unforgivable things = prohibited to use): Dogs, Animals with fangs (cats and animals in felidae, bears, monkeys etc.), Predators (predatory birds, etc.), Pests (rats and cockroaches etc.), Animals with poison (snakes, scorpion, bees, blow-fish, etc.), Annoying insects such as lice and fleas, Creatures that coming and going between land and water (amphibians, crocodiles, tortoises etc.), and donkeys and mules etc.

[Q04] What food are the eatable with the plant-derived?

[A04] It is a food that is not poisonous and there is no addictive action, and not treated with non-halal additives such as alcohol or processed products.

[Q05] Is aquatic organisms classified as halal?

[A05] You cannot use the food ingredients derived from fish that have poison, such as blowfish, and living thing that travel between land and water, such as amphibians, crocodiles, turtles, etc. On the other hand, crabs are considered as halal ingredients unless they are harmful. 

*Regarding the classification, it is good to indicate the raw material as much as possible because there is a detailed rule by the doctrine.


[Q01] Can you tell me about the timing of worship?

[A01] In Islam, the worship service is set up five times a day: before dawn, day, afternoon, sunset and night. However, the exact time fluctuates every day because the time of sunset and the sunrise varies according to the place and the season. For this reason, there are also applications that tell to worshipers the timing. In the case of travel, there are Muslims who have three times of worship a day.

[Q02] What preparation is needed for the worshiping?

[A02] After purifying the body, Muslims will perform worship towards Qibla, the direction of Mecca. For this reason, they need to have running water that can purify before worship (Wudu), Qibla compass or Qibla pointer to know the direction of Qibla, and worship mat. If you offer a place of worship, it will be an idea to prepare to lend a worship clothes in addition to these items. The purpose of cleaning before the worshiping is to purify their hands, mouth, nose, face, arms, hair and feet with running water. When preparing a dedicated facility, it is desirable to match the height of equipment easy to wash these parts.

[Q03] How many Muslims do worship together?

[A03] Worship is recommended to be done by a group, but it is also done by individuals.

[Q04] Where do Muslims worship?

[A04] Worship is stipulated to be done in a clean place. For this reason, worship in toilets, bathrooms, etc. is prohibited.

[Q05] How about indication of the place of the worship room?

[A05] In order to convey even if they do not know the Japanese language and kanji, indicate the following pictogram or in English.


[Q01] What should I do to prepare the room?

[A01] Separate rooms are desirable for men and women. If separate rooms cannot be prepared, consider separating them with partitions.

[Q02] What about preparing the bathroom?

[A02] Because many Muslims are reluctant to show their skin to other than their family, both men and women tend to avoid the public bath. When guiding a public bath, it would be advisable to prepare the chartered facility for them.

[Q03] What should we care in contact with the opposite gender?

[A03] It is told that contact to the opposite gender is not desirable in Islam. For this reason, it would be better to avoid shaking hands unless requested from the opponent.

[Q04] Do they give priority to the right hand for meals only?

[A04] It is well known that there are many Muslim who eat only with their right hand. There are also many people who use the right hand preferentially even in daily life.

[Q05] Do Muslims dislike dogs?

[A05] From a religious point of view, Muslims are taught to be dirty when licked by dogs. For this reason, there are Muslims who dislike dogs, so let's take care not them to get close.

[Q06] It is said that Islam forbids to worship idols, but what concrete object is subjected?

[A06] In Islam idol worship is prohibited. For this reason, there are many Muslim who avoid dolls, photographs, illustrations, postcards, and other things with the theme of people and animals. When passing gifts or souvenir, check with the person in question.

[Q07] How should I handle the Qur’an - Scripture?

[A07] Muslims treasure the Qur'an - scripture very much in which teachings are written. In particular, it is not desirable for non-Muslims to handle it, because the original written in Arabic is considered sacred. You must ask the owner's Muslim whenever you need to take hold of it.

[Q08] How do I respond to the fasting month (Ramadan)?

[A08] Muslims have a period so called Ramadan, and they fast once a year from dawn to sunset. The number of that day will last for 30 days. Since Islamic calendar differs from Christian calendar, year to year it changes season every year. Some of Muslims fast even during travel, therefore such consideration to serve breakfast before dawn at hotels and other accommodation facility would be welcomed.


This is a list of accommodation and food facilities that acquired JAKIM Halal certification or the HJC Muslim friendly certification.

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This is a list of products and manufactures that acquired JAKIM Halal certification or the HJC non-alcohol and non-pork certification.

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If you have any questions about Halal, including HJC activities, Seminar schedule, and how to obtain certification, etc., please feel free to contact us.

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